Downhill Skiing in Minnesota

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This information has been gathered from various sources such as brochures from the ski areas themselves or newspaper stories. I have not skied every location here, only Afton Alps, Trollhaugen, Wild Mountain, Buck Hill, Spirit Mountain and Lutsen. Some may find it humorous that we downhill ski in the plains state of Minnesota. For serious sking, Lutsen is the best there is around here (but is 250 miles -- straight north -- from the Twin Cities).

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If you're going to be visiting Minnesota, call our tourism department, at 800-657-3700 (651-296-5029)

For Minnesota ski conditions and snow depths, check with CNN, or call 651-296-5029 or 800-657-3700. CNN also has a Wisconsin ski report. Click here.

After skiing in Minnesota, you may wish to have some fun in the twin cities. Here's some local event info.
St Croix Valley info

Ski Central's Minnesota ski conditions

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