I buy and sell all versions of Imation and Maxell LS-120 120MB SuperDisk
3 Imation Crypto Imation Ls-120 3.5IN 120MB Superdisk with Secured Encryption (3-Pack)
051122921339 2 Imation Mac Imation - 2 x LS-120 (SuperDisk) - 120 MB - Mac - storage media
025215580086 1 Maxell Mac Maxell Ls-120 3.5IN 120MB Formatted Mac Superdisk (1-Pack)
051122118944 1 Imation PC 1-pack Superdisk 3.5in 120MB Pre-fmt (ls 120)
1 Imation PC Imation 3.5IN 120MB LS-120 Preformatted IBM Superdisk
1 Imation PC Imation Super Disk 120 MB DISKETTE
051122117626 3 Imation PC Imation SuperDisk 120MB (3-Pack)
5 Imation PC Imation SuperDisk 120MB IBM Formatted (5-Pack)
051122118760 10 Imation PC Imation SuperDisk 120MB (10-Pack)
025215580000 1 Maxell PC Maxell 120MB LS-120 3.5IN Pre-Formatted IBM Superdisk (1-Pack)
1 Maxell PC Maxell LS-120 (SuperDisk) - 120 MB storage media
3 Maxell PC Maxell Ls-120 3.5in 120MB Pre-fmt IBM Superdisk 3-pack
5 Maxell PC Maxell LS-120 SUPERDISK-120MB 3.5IN RETAIL PK 5PK ( 570350 )

We buy all versions of superdisk from IMATION and MAXELL brands. Please contact us with what you have and price you need.

UPC codes for superdisk include:

025215580000 , 051122113147 , 051122125461 , 051122117626 , 051122118944 , 051122118760 , 051122921339 , 025215580086 , 051122120725 , 051111468470 , 025215580000 , 051111467480 , T4517327003714 , 025215580031 , 30025215580001 , 051122129216

Call us as 800-956-7444 or send details of your inventory by email or FAX 651-704-0002

I have some movie camera lenses/c-mount lenses/CCTV lenses/whatever

Chroma-z 101434, 16-96mm 1:1.8 zoom lens
Walz Movie Lens 1.5" f:3.5 Telephoto w/box and case

pending or unsold items:

cosmicar television lens 8.5 mm 1:1.5
NEC battery-like Sony NP-500H Lithium Ion 1300mAh 7.2v
Sony NP-500H Lithium Ion battery 1200mAh 7.2v
Viking 128MB Compact Flash CF memory card
Viking 256MB Compact Flash CF memory card
Viking 512MB Compact Flash CF memory card
Simple Tech 128MB Compact Flash CF memory
Lexar 256MB Compact Flash CF memory card
Toshiba 256MB SD memory
SanDisk 512MB SD memory
SanDisk 512MB SD memory

Samsung FTQ353IWUX stove for sale. Has only caught fire once. Best offer.

More to come soon!

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